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Thermal Insulated Glass Products

We are proud to produce a revolutionary Australian product. We can produce a variety of standard and heated double glazed products, as well as cater for the individual’s requirements and applications.

As an Australian owned and operated company we are very proud to be replacing an imported product. It is our desire to continue our growth and become widely known within the glazing, commercial refrigeration and domestic industries.

Wine Rooms:

Residential and commercial wine rooms. Fantastic custom entry doors and viewing windows with heated glass to reduce condensation. You can get them with or without kick plates. We offer a powder coat with the colour of your choosing to acquire the finished product of your satisfaction.

TIGP products

Cold-room View windows:

Amazing customised viewing windows, with heated or non-heated glass. We offer off white, surf mist, clear or black ano extrusion or powder coating to the colour of your choosing.  An incredible product ideal for cold rooms and display cabinets. We supply to company’s such as Askin Panels, Bondor, Retracom and  SBP Australia.

askin rectacom    SBP australia bondor

TIGP products

Cold-room Sliding windows:

Incredible slide doors available in Clear ano or surf mist. With an option of heated or non-heated framing. You can use toughened or float glass and single or double-glazing options available.  Latches, pin locks and stoppers available. All slide doors are custom made and suit hot or cold cabinets. You can have up to 6 doors per set and argon fill is an option.

TIGP products
TIGP products
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