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Viewing Windows

Thermal Insulated Glass Products manufactures standard (non-heated) and also heated viewing windows to match any glass window or door fit-outs.

Heated or non-heated viewing windows incorporate sleek styling & design of our glass products and can come to match with insert frames. Thermal Insulated Glass Products can make these products available in a single or double-sided glass product and can be heated or non-heated using different temperature applications settings.

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  • 25mm flange extrusion
  • Surfmist, clear anodised, or powdercoated extrusion options to suit
  • All double and triple glazed panels 24mm thick
  • Heated or non heated
  • Single glazed available – 6.38 clear lam
  • DPI sills if required
  • Toughened glass
  • Argon filled option
  • Can powdercoat if required
  • Custom made

UPVC Window

uPVC is a new alternative material to timer or aluminum for your windows or doors frame. With double/triple glazed glass, it can create synergy in energy efficiency, and durable.

Low maintenance

uPVC windows are easy to maintain. They mostly don’t need repainting or sanding, and easily can be washed with soapy water. 

Long Lasting

uPVC windows are resistant to environmental factors like atmosphere pollution, moisture, salt, and mould. It won’t rot for decades compare with timber or aluminum frames.


uPVC is lowly affected by UV can survive from Australia’s strong sunshine. 

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