Double & Triple Glazed Glass

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Great Insulation

The insulation system of Double/Triple Glazed glass sustains the temperature for cold or hot rooms to keep your products hygiene and good quality.

Noise Reduction

Double/Triple Glazed glass windows and doors optimise to block sounds from outside, you can be free from external noise and get peace in your store.

Energy Saving

Thanks to Double/Triple Glazed glass windows and doors will minimise other energy to keep the temperature. It will save money on electricity.

Double Glazing windows are a lot more common and then normal stock type energy efficient windows you see. Double Glazed Windows consist of a hermetically sealed Insulated Glass unit that is composed of 2 glass panels then separated by a spacer; allowing a dead space between the panels.

When apply tripled glazed glass a third player of glass is added therefore reducing the heat/cold & noise transfer even more. An area where double or triple glazed windows, doors or glass in stalled the energy efficiency of the area increases, making you home or business cheaper to run.

Triple Glazed Panels contain three panels of glass that is then separated by 2 spacers, therefore becomes a much more efficient unit then the double glazing windows. In practice, the overall insulated glass units thickness with triple glazed glass is more than a double glazed unit. Triple glazed units are often 35mm with double glazed units being 28mm or smaller. 

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